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Basic Types of Shots




Shooting is one of the most important fundamentals in the game of basketball! Without good shooters, a team may possess brilliant passers, superb dribblers, excellent rebounders, and other strong assets but may still find it difficult to win consistently.

Many coaches feel that shooters are "born" and not "made". Surely some players do possess the "touch" that other players strive to achieve. However, the vast majority of good shooters are "made" shooters who have combined sound shooting fundamentals with countless hours of practice to develop themselves into good percentage shooters.


Is there a secret to good shooting? If such a secret exists, it is this: countless hours of practice, practice, and more practice! Why do all coaches love to see goals nailed to the sides of garages in students' backyards? Simply because these goals afford opportunities for hours and hours of shooting practice by prospective basketball players. Probably more shooters have been "made" in backyard practice than ever have been made in gymnasiums.


Varying techniques are used when shooting different types of shots. However, several essentials for all types of shots are important:

1. Good vision. Players must be able to see the goal clearly if they are to develop the consistent depth perception that will enable them to shoot a good percentage.

2. Good Hand position. The ball should be held with fingers spread widely and with the palms off the ball.

3. Concentration. When aiming for the basket, the shooter must be concentrating on the shot with the eyes centered on the target.

4. Relaxation. Muscles must be functioning properly during the shooting motion. Tenseness will prevent this.

5. Follow-through. The shooter must follow through on all types of shots. This is a common error committed by many shooters and its correction often improves shooting percentage tremendously.

6. Confidence. Shooters must believe that they are going to make the shot. Ask the great shooters and they will tell you that they never take a shot that they don't think they're going to make! If the shooter is putting the ball in the air and "hoping" it will go in the basket, both the shooter and the team would be far better off if a pass was made to someone else for the shot attempt.